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remember jumping rope?
When two friends would hold the ends and turn, and you would watch for a minute, wait to get the rhythm, and then jump in?
We think smart innovation happens in kind of the same way. Trends are at one end of the rope, consumer insights at the other. They work in tandem, turning the rope, creating a rhythm. At Jump Rope Innovation, we help clients to get the rhythm. To see the patterns and anticipate what's next. To know just when and just how to jump in.
At Jump Rope Innovation, we bring client teams face to face (often literally!) with category trends and with the consumers who use (or potentially use) our clients' products every day. We use our learnings from these experiences to help generate forward-thinking innovation and to create concepts that jump off the page because they are deeply relevant, differentiated and engaging.

Robyn Carter is a trends and innovation expert with over 15 years of experience working with top consumer packaged goods and service brands. As a child, the first question out of her mouth was "Why?" and she hasn't stopped asking that question since.

Beginning her career in the ad agency world, Robyn worked on a host of iconic brands, including Red Stripe, Country Time and Capri Sun. She spent five years at Ogilvy, the last two of which were devoted to the global Maxwell House brand, where she helped craft strategy for the Masterbrand and adapt that strategy for local markets. Throughout her years in advertising, she was also an important player in a variety of new business pitches and product launches. It was work filled with understanding the connection between the "whys" and the "hows" and she loved it.

Today, Robyn spends her time working with clients through various phases of the innovation process, from creating comprehensive foresight programs, to leading teams on in-market trend treks, to concept development and beyond. From ice cream to iced tea, cleaning products to coffee, Robyn uses her unique combination of curiosity, creativity and insight to inspire meaningful innovation. Her process is often fun and exciting and always insightful and collaborative, often engaging team members at every level and across every aspect of the business. The resulting work is work that resonates with clients and consumers alike, because both have been an integral part of the process.

In her off-hours, Robyn enjoys spending time with her husband, John, five (!) children, and their giant fluffy dog, Cooper.