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Our work brings categories and consumers to life for our clients and is always steeped in insight – going beyond the "what" and the "why" to deliver the "so what." We work with other creative thinkers: nimble designers, moderators, forward-thinking researchers and industry experts, to enrich both our process and our product.
getting the rhythm:
CATEGORY IMMERSION: From creating exciting category trend treks to setting up on-site innovation fairs,  we bring your category to life for your team, from close competitors to niche innovators.
PEOPLE PULSE: Who are your consumers beyond their role as consumers? Through custom-designed consumer connects, (both online and in-person) we get to know your consumers as people, so we can help create products that truly surprise and delight.
NEWSLETTERS: Weekly newsflashes, quarterly newsletters or sixty-second video newsflashes can keep your team up to speed on what's happening in your category or with your core consumers.
LUNCH BOXES: Each quarter, we pull together new and provocative products and related materials that can serve as inspiration for building your business. Then we set up a lunch and learn to generate out-of-the-box ideas that springboard off of what's in the box.
jumping in:
CONCEPT WRITING AND DEVELOPMENT: We deliver distinct, insight-driven concepts that consistently
garner great qualitative learning and earn top scores in quant testing.
BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS: The writing's on the wall...but the ideas are brought to life in our
results-oriented brainstorming sessions.