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Our approach is always hands-on, and customized based on client needs and objectives. We employ our own proprietary IT! Factor Influencer and trend research, as well as cutting edge tools and tactics to bring our programs to life.
We teamed up with Power Moms Media to create IT! Factor. It's a richer qualitative research approach, leveraging a highly curated set of category influencers to shed new light on the future of a category. IT! Factor is great for innovation projects, setting clients up for success by exploring where their categories are going, versus focusing on where they are today. Learn More
Through custom-designed encounters with real-life consumers (online and in-person, around the globe), we help our clients to understand their consumers as people: their habits, goals, trials and triumphs.
Day-in-the-life in-market immersion sessions, where we (sometimes literally!) walk a mile in a consumer's shoes,
to bring to life the real challenges of the real people their brands serve.
Full-day, mission specific work sessions, where we
re-create a slice of a consumer's life at home, as a springboard for ideation.
Hands-on opportunities to explore a category at large, across tiers and geographies, without leaving the office! These events help to identify and illustrate the presence and evolution of trends across the marketing mix.
Whether we're starting from scratch or optimizing existing concepts, our concepts are well known for leveraging insights and language that consumers can relate to, letting the actual ideas shine through.
Regular lunch and learns where we bring a series of trends to life for clients, curating products from adjacent categories to inspire revolutionary thinking!
These visually appealing and easy to read e-newsletters help to keep broader teams steeped in category happenings and can provide a spark of inspiration, or simply showcase inspiring work our clients are already doing.
Our team orchestrates a fast-paced, engaging, and comprehensive day for our clients, where they work together in a structured way to arrive at innovation and activation ideas that are unique, future-focused, and true to their brands. These ideas and are brought to life in real time by our talented illustrators, and can be delivered test-ready.
These in-market immersion sessions bring together
cross-functional client teams for an engaging day spent exploring how a trend is being brought to life across a spectrum of categories. An active, fluid debrief helps clients to uncover insights and translate that into inspiration for their own categories.