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remember jumping rope?
When two friends would hold the ends and turn, and you would watch for a minute, wait to get the rhythm, and then jump in?
We think smart innovation happens in kind of the same way. Trends are at one end of the rope, consumer insights at the other. They work in tandem, turning the rope, creating a rhythm. At Jump Rope Innovation, we help clients to get the rhythm. To see the patterns and anticipate what's next. To know just when and just how to jump in.
At Jump Rope Innovation, we bring client teams face to face (often literally!) with category trends and with the consumers who use (or potentially use) our clients' products every day. We use our learnings from these experiences to help generate forward-thinking innovation and to create concepts that jump off the page because they are deeply relevant, differentiated and engaging.

the jump rope innovation team
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Stephanie Spanarkel, Director of Trend Practice

I joined Jump Rope Innovation in 2016 as Director of Trend Practice where I put my creativity and planning skills to use helping clients develop comprehensive innovation and marketing strategies, identifying and researching trends, and planning and executing client workshops and experiences.

Prior to Jump Rope Innovation, I spent eight years at Coach New York leading the Store Communications team where I played a key role in developing the communication strategy and operational policies for 800+ North American retail stores in addition to planning a variety of major events and conferences. I graduated from New York University with BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and running after our two young children and our energetic dog. Once the kids have gone to bed, I am a big fan of catching up with my "TV friends", reading my next book club selection, and sneaking in a quick workout (or let's be honest, a delicious dessert).

Even though I grew up in the suburbs and love being outside, I never learned how to ride a bike. Maybe I'll give it a shot when my kids start to learn. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?